Diploma in web & cloud technology

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Diploma in web & cloud technology


Modules (16)

Web Development Module

HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Bootstrap – Responsive Website Design

Oracle, MySQL

Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway, Email Server

Java, Python-Django, WordPress,php

DNS Management, Plesk, Amazon Web Services, Chuhiya Cloud Server

SaaS Model, E-Commerce, ERP Software

Cloud Computing Module

Introduction to Cloud Computing, Top Benefits of Cloud Computing, Types of Cloud Computing, Types of Cloud Services, Uses of Cloud Computing.

Introduction to AWS/GCP/AZURE, AWS /GCP/AZURE Global Infrastructure, Introduction to VPC/Subnet/Internet Gateway/VPC Peering, NAT Gateway, IP Addressing and CIDR Block, AWS Security Groups.

EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, LightSail, lambda, Server less Application Repository, VMware Cloud on AWS/GCP/AZURE.

S3, S3 Glacier, AWS Backup, EBS, EFS, AWS Snow Family.

RDS, Amazon DynamoDB

AWS 3 on CloudWatch, AWS Auto scaling, AWS cloud formation, AWS cloud Trail, AWS Config, AWS Control Tower, AWS License Manager.

IAM, Amazon Cognito, Amazon Inspector, Amazon Guard Duty, AWS Certificate Manager, AWS Directory Service, AWS Firewall Manager, AWS Key Management Service, AWS Resource Access Manager, AWS Security Hub, AWS WAF.

Amazon Corretto, AWS Cloud9, AWS Code Build, AWS Code Commit, AWS Code Deploy, AWS Pipeline, AWS Code Star, AWS Device Farm, AWS X-Ray.

AWS Database Migration Service, AWS Snow family, AWS Data sync.

AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budget, AWS Cost and usage report, AWS Cost Calculation for Resources.

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