Chuhiya Education Empowering Students

Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism

An excellent opportunity for individuals to seek in-depth knowledge for the media industry working and enhance career growth as a media professional.

Chuhiya Education introduces with a Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism course with no technical degree mandated which is going to take the most efficient place in the modern and forthcoming job market.

Eligibility and Fee

Eligibility: Intermediate or A Levels or equivalent or above

Course Duration: 9 Months

Course Fee: INR (₹) 34,999 / GBP (£) 400

No. of Installments: 8

Installment 1: INR (₹) 10,499 / GBP (£) 120

Installment 2 - 8: INR (₹) 3500 / GBP (£) 40 Each


What you will learn

Introduction to Mass Communication and Journalism
Introduction to Advertising and Public Relations
Introduction to Communication Research
Advertising Designs and Principles
Journalistic Reporting and Printing
Editorial Writings
Introduction to Printing Technologies
Introduction to Digital Media Technologies
Introduction to Newspaper Management
Introduction to Photography
Copywriting and Content Writing
Visualisation and Campaign Effectiveness
Journalistic ethics and laws
News gathering and Writing
Broadcast Production
Voice Training
Camera and Video Editing
Communication and Soft Skills
Workshop and Internship
Market Research and Analysis


Benefits and Advantages

2 Hours class/day
Daily/weekly assignments
Monthly Test
24/7 Help and Support through online group
Experienced trainers
Weekend online master class
Competitive environment
Cloud access/ Personal ID
Live projects
Market Research
Certificate on completion
Communication skill development training
Guaranteed interview schedule after successful completion of the training

Platforms we will use for training purpose

Team Viewer
Team Viewer Blizz
Google Classroom
Google Keep
Google Drive
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Slides

Future Scope

Film Maker
Script Writer
Content Writer
Market Research Analyst
Public Relations Officer
PR Manager
Screen Writer
Press Reporter
News Reporter
Digital Media Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Growth Manager

Learn Most In-demand Technologies

Chuhiya Education aims to become the remarkable Online Education platform to bridge the gap between academic and industry-based education by providing course outcome-based activity and supply of talent by empowering the career of students as well as professionals of our nation with the most in-demand technical skills and provide opportunities in high growth career. With our effective and creative web education platform, even the busiest learners can prepare themselves to take their career one step further to the forthcoming job market.

Learn From Expert Industry Professionals

With continuous monitoring and grooming, Chuhiya's education program is developed and instructed by our Educator experts. Our dedicated mentorship guidance for substandard students with proper mastery on broader career perspectives with an understanding of technology and management on modern technologies. Our qualified Industry Expert team accelerates effective learning methods incorporating real projects, seminars, and workshops to the training module.

A great place to learn

Chuhiya Education is a web coaching platform to deliver knowledge about modern technology and skill-based education. Our culture is various, comprehensive and committed to personal and skilled development. We are enthusiastic to minimize the problem of unemployment by reinventing the industry-based education system and teaching most in-demand technologies.