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About Us

Chuhiya Education is a web coaching platform to deliver knowledge about the most recent technology and skill-based education. We have got grown-up at first from an education-based start-up organization named ITR&D in early 2014 to Chuhiya Education, who are passionate to minimize the problem of unemployment by reinventing the industry-based education system and teaching new technologies.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between academic and industry-based education by delivering course outcome-based activity. We provide online training in today’s most popular and trending technologies like Enterprise Software Development & Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Mass media communication. Besides we are focused on more personalise education and industry-based live project experience. To know how technology transforms the industry, we have associated with top technology corporations and also develop significant technical skills. With our influential and creative digital education platform, even the busiest learners can prepare themselves to take on the most in-demand technical roles.

Chuhiya Education Connects learners from everywhere around the Nation as well as globe and delivers in-demand technologies and provide opportunities to work in industry-based live projects to enhance their proficiency in a significant manner. From the statistics of the last year, the very best and lowest packages are 9 LPA and 3 LPA respectively which is worthy. Relate with Chuhiya Education for being dedicated to the job of your dreams and remarkable growth to empower the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the remarkable Online Education platform to bridge the gap between academic and industry-based education by delivering course outcome-based activity and supply of talent by empowering the career of students as well as professionals of our nation with latest technical skills and provide opportunities in high growth career.

Our Mission

We aim to provide opportunities to work in industry-based live projects to enhance our learner’s proficiency. We deliver online training in today’s trending technologies and teach about critical technical knowledge that most of the companies are looking for.

What Separates Us?

Educators First, Developers Second

Education is not just about conveying information, the role of education in making people think, learn, and realize it is undeniable. We understand that every new concept requires a unique approach and that even the most advanced subject-matter experts must also be well-trained educators to produce great results. That's why all of our trainers are well trained, experienced industry experts.

Custom Curriculum Created by Expert industry professionals

The Actualize program is designed and taught by our Educator experts, developer Lead Instructors. Together, we created our curriculum using educational best practices and careful consideration of how people learn and retain information. We've debated every facet of our methodology, from the order in which to teach concepts and the analogies used to clarify them to how exercises should be structured to deliver the maximum educational punch.

Keep Your Current Job While You Switch Careers

Whether you are a student or a working professional, we believe that you don't need to quit your current job and put your life on hold to learn new technology. Choices between weekend or weekdays online classes courses, flexibility over online programs and excellent curriculum, and top-notch educators like ours, you can learn more in less time. Our alumni have proven this again and again.

Why Chuhiya Education?

Technology has transformed the code of conduction for working on all industry verticals be it healthcare, government organizations, MNCs, IT, Real Estate, or any other sector. With technological advancement in each sector, organizations are trying to meet industry demand by hiring new Employees with upgraded tech skills or up skilling current employers. It is the right time to invest in your career, up skill your knowledge on various aspects of digital technology. By this year 2020 after the pandemic, Industry will advance towards virtual technology and automation and henceforth we need to build up Excellency in online education of technology advancement at every industry workings.

Chuhiya Education with years’ experience in Technology/Management training and development program analyzing critical engineering/corporate industry trends and dedicatedly pathways to create the finest quality efficiencies in our students adopting advancement with simple learning experiences on Java/Python/Cloud/IoT/Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Accounting.

We educate with proper skills & certified students on broader career perspectives with an understanding of technology and management education; create insights by analyzing data, sharing views, and thoughts on current market techniques. Our qualified Industry Experts team accelerate effective learning methods incorporating real projects, seminars, and workshops to the training module.

With frequent technology up-gradation, industries focus on processes to stay simple and scalable. We encourage students for deep learning algorithms and working on assignments and live projects that provide better insights into the working of Industry and focus on up skilling the talent. Our ready to adopt industrial insights cope up with the challenges that every candidate is facing to get updated and market-ready skill experiences.